How to buy Steam Wallet Codes using Bitcoin in the Philippines

Ken Karlo
3 min readNov 5, 2020


This article is for all Bitcoin and gaming enthusiast who wants to buy gaming stuff like Steam wallet codes on the internet using their hard-earned Bitcoins. If you don’t have any bitcoin yet, you can check this article on where you can get your very first bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

To those who didn’t know what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital currency with the use of a decentralized ledger, the Blockchain. It’s used by many in the internet mainly to shop online, book a hotel and air lines, buy gaming stuffs, gift cards and etc.

People in the internet love to use it due to one of its characteristics — pseudonymous. Since it doesn’t need any personal information when sending bitcoin, and doesn’t restrict you to send people out of the country without asking higher fees unlike Paypal, banks and other cross-border payments.

While some of you used to buy Steam wallet codes with bitcoin, but as for their latest rates, their prices have gone so high with up to 10% increase that’s why we’ve come up and accepted new payment to buy Steam wallet using Bitcoin.

How to Buy Steam Wallet Codes using Bitcoin?

1. Visit Xquareshop Steam wallet shop

2. Choose the voucher code you want, as of the moment Xquareshop offers 2200, 1000, 800, and 500 Steam wallet codes.

3. Input your email address

4. Choose Bitcoin as your payment method

5. Hit Next button and review your order

6. Read and accept Xquareshop’s terms and conditions and hit the Proceed To Payment button

7. On the payment page, you will see the bitcoin wallet address where you will send the amount mentioned on the page. We recommend clicking the “Open Wallet” or scan the QR code to avoid inputting wrong wallet address or wrong amount.

8. Note that you have only 30 minutes to pay or else payment will expire and the order status will be changed to Closed.

9. Once you’ve done the payment and your transaction got at least 1 confirmation, your order will be processed eventually.

After successful payment, you will receive your Steam wallet code at your email address, and it will be displayed on the order page as well.

Redeem your steam wallet codes on Steam Platform

Go to the Steam redeem page copy the voucher code and paste on the field seen on the image above.

Bottom line

You just learned how to buy cheap Steam wallet codes using Bitcoin in the Philippines without personal information and account registration.

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