Lottery Powered by Smart Contracts, Provably fair and Cryptographically Secured

Ken Karlo
5 min readJul 17, 2019
Lottery Powered by Smart Contracts, Provably fair and Cryptographically Secured

Risk takers and people who know how to analyze trends are the ones who get the best out of life. That said, there is a lot of platforms through which you can go further than the people around you think.

One of such platforms through which you could get an open chance is the Ethex bet platform.

What Is Ethex.Bet All About?

Lottery Powered by Smart Contracts, Provably fair and Cryptographically Secured

Ethex bet is a blockchain-based platform that provides lottery games on its decentralized platform. This Ethereum smart contract-based lottery game is quite different from the other known lottery platforms. Aside from the fact that it provides more opportunities for players to win, it is also being backed and secured using the blockchain technology.

On this platform, you can win by simply guessing the upcoming hashed block on the Ethereum platform. Playing this game is as simple as that, just guess the symbol of the hash block coming, and you are the winner. Here, there is no harassment nor doubt but full transparency and openness.

The Ethex bet has implemented the Ethereum blockchain to make this platform a straight forward platform for fairness and secured game.

Using Ethex Bet

Unlike other platforms, you do not need to deposit any form of fiat currency nor sign up. All you need to do is have your Ethereum balance ready through your Metamask or online Coinbase wallet. This promotes anonymity while playing the game. You do not have to worry about who is also in the same game as you are. Your identity is secured and unrevealed.

System Requirements

Lottery Powered by Smart Contracts, Provably fair and Cryptographically Secured

To enjoy the Ethex bet platform from your convenience using the Metamask(windows, macOS):

First, you would have to download and start the installation process of the Metamask. Search through the internet to install the Metamask installation kit.

Next, allow the extension on your browser. This prompts you to sign in to your Metamask account.

Once that’s done, through your computer browser, open the Ethex bet official website and enjoy your winnings and extensive bonuses.

However, playing using the iOS or the Android platform requires your online Coinbase wallet.

Here are the steps required to set this up

  • Navigate to Google Play (for Android) or the Apple store (for the iPhone) and download the Coinbase wallet for your perusal.
  • After that, you would be required to create a wallet on the downloaded Coinbase platform. You could also choose to import your already created account or seed into the downloaded Coinbase platform.
  • Next, you are required to visit the Ethex bet official website in the decentralized application tab.
  • Enjoy the very best for betting and bonuses as you play your favorite betting game and win big
Lottery Powered by Smart Contracts, Provably fair and Cryptographically Secured

Ethex Bet Working Mechanism

The Ethex bet platform is one of the platforms on the blockchain that innovatively thinks through the whole process from the beginning of a player’s betting experience until when they leave. It is a mind-blowing and completely revolutionary lottery application.

On this platform, you are required to guess the last six number of the next block hash, which is being generated right after the transaction is completed.

Interested users are asked to choose between one to six symbols which are then used to fill up even or odd letters and numbers. There are different ways through which these combinations can come out. It is very rare to have two players come up with the same combination.

You could also choose to allow the cells meant to be filled very blank. The more you are getting close to the correct target, the higher your reward is going to get.

Buttons like Random, Frequent or Rare can be used to select a collection of combinations. These are usually made up of symbols that are automatically arranged to fill in these numbers. They are following the way the hex combinations are to appear.

Following the filling of spaces activities, you can then proceed to place a stake on your bet. A minimum amount is usually required. You can stake as high as you would like with your Ethereum token. You cannot, however, stake lower than 0.01 Eth.

After you must have inputted your desired amount for the stake, your bet is ready to be placed. Hit the ‘place your bet’ button and confirm your transaction. Then take your winnings.

Useful Tips On Winning On Ethex Bet

There is a different level of winning chances as it concerns different platforms. This is due to the development team and the inputted infrastructure. The gaming structure and platform used determines the winning chances allowed on these lotteries.

Playing on Ethex bet gives you a high winning chance as it is developed using the blockchain technology.

This platform also gives you flexibility in choosing how to bet. You can decide to choose any letter, odd or even number. Your choice could likely be the key combination of winning that big bet and bonuses.

When you place a bet, and you pick a letter option, if the hex figures have a letter in the combination, you are automatically a winner.

On the Ethex bet platform, the more the symbols you can pick, the higher your chances at landing that big reward.

Superprize And Jackpots

Lottery Powered by Smart Contracts, Provably fair and Cryptographically Secured

Various jackpots are being offered on the Ethex bet platform. There are four distinct types of jackpots option

There is just one chance at the Superprize. Here, your selected combination is automatically added into the jackpot draw if you were not fortunate to win while you placed your bet.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to revolutionary and highly innovative ideas on the blockchain technology, Ethex bet is rated high with the other highly rated blockchain technology-based platform.

Uniquely, the Ethex bet platform allows you to win daily. Utilizing the blockchain technology as its core technology and the Ethereum smart contract, you can trust the transparency and openness of the platform.

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