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This article is for all Bitcoin and gaming enthusiast who wants to buy gaming stuff like Steam wallet codes on the internet using their hard-earned Bitcoins. If you don’t have any bitcoin yet, you can check this article on where you can get your very first bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

To those who didn’t know what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital currency with the use of a decentralized ledger, the Blockchain. It’s used by many in the internet mainly to shop online, book a hotel and air lines, buy gaming stuffs, gift cards and etc.

People in the internet love…

2019 was an excellent year for blockchain technology. It led to the creation of new collaborative projects between blockchain startups and major firms. Various crypto products were launched, major crypto coins survived the bear market, and different blockchain protocols experienced a lot of growth.

There was also increased interest in blockchain technology by central banks and governments. One of the best examples is China, which has decided to embrace blockchain technology as a core technology in its development. 2020 is the start of a new decade. It marks the gradual development of blockchain technology, leading to more real-world solutions for…

6 Reasons Why Most Startups Fails
6 Reasons Why Most Startups Fails

In truth, the majority of startups fail. This can be linked to numerous factors. However, most of these startups have market worthy ideas but not the right execution to implement it. Most startups begin with the mindset of not being like one of those failures.

Interestingly, the knowledge gap required to scale a business sometimes comes with a vast amount of experience and mentorship. startups have great ideas, no doubt, but the number of people that succeed at these ideas is grossly low.

However, you can still go forward to successfully scale your startup to whatever level you wish it…

Lottery Powered by Smart Contracts, Provably fair and Cryptographically Secured

Risk takers and people who know how to analyze trends are the ones who get the best out of life. That said, there is a lot of platforms through which you can go further than the people around you think.

One of such platforms through which you could get an open chance is the Ethex bet platform.

What Is Ethex.Bet All About?

3 Industries Where Bitcoin May Have A Future —

If you haven’t seen the news, bitcoin has been enjoying a price surge this spring, and it’s looking like the cryptocurrency’s best run since the late-2017 boom. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily heading back toward $20,000, but it has shifted the narrative, somewhat, that bitcoin is in a prolonged or inevitable decline.

Now, once again, people are wondering as to what exactly the future has in store for this ever-interesting digital currency. As much as we may seek to answer this question through investment trends and price patterns, we should also keep in mind that bitcoin is still developing as…

Why You Should Not Use HITBTC Exchange

The negatively painted crypto exchange, HITBTC is once again under the spotlight for yet another alleged scam. There has been a significant outcry on social media platforms and in the crypto space about this particular exchange.

This time around, this outcry involves the bitcoin private BTCP being delisted from the HITBTC exchange platform. This has caused many traders with blocked withdrawal and no access to their funds on the platform.

Legal Matters Between HITBTC And BTCP

According to the Bitcoin private team official statement, a sum of about $500,000 was paid to the platform to be among the digital currencies up for trade. The recent turnaround…

Bitcoin 2019: What Future Lies Ahead?

Cryptocurrency has been one of the most exciting and unpredictable markets to invest in ever since the beginning. The whole crypto frenzy started with Bitcoin being created a decade ago by an anonymous creator who went by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The increase in the value of Bitcoin since its inscription is what draws many investors towards this digital asset.

Over the years, Bitcoin has seen several phases of developments and just when we think that it is nearly perfect, the developers add some new feature which further increases its usability. …

• For the first time of the year, Bitcoin drops more than 7 percent this Wednesday after long stable months.

•The digital currency plunge to $5, 640, hitting the lowest price record of the year according to Coindesk price data.

Other cryptocurrency markets also suffered unusual losses, Ether (ETH) fell as much as 13 percent while Ripple (XRP), the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization dropped 15 percent. …

How to Find a Cryptocurrency Job?

Want to kickstart your crypto and blockchain career but don’t know how one can get their feet wet in the crypto market? You’re at the right place. You first need to evaluate yourself to determine your niche in the blockchain industry. If you’ve got the talent you think can be beneficial for blockchain technology, congrats you’re not far off from being a professional crypto expert. To be become successful in the crypto world, it’s important that you brush up on your crypto skills. You should be aware of everything associated with crypto and blockchain technology to increase your chances of…

What is Blockchain and How Does It Work?

Piggyback to the 1900s when the internet was just a bunch of dots or computers that could hardly transfer a couple of bytes simultaneously. Now, you can conveniently use the internet from anywhere you are, without even a wire being connected to your device. For that to have happened, there was a paradigm shift.

The thing about paradigms is that you never know what they did when they were invented, or why they were created in the first place. We need the foresight to understand what this paradigm does for everyone truly. …

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